FO Insoft

FO Insoft

FO Insoft is a Front Office Management System.

Fully integrated system of all front desk operations for fast processing of all guest-related requirements. This allows for improved staff performance, lowering costs and improving the customer experience.


Modern design, with an interface that is easy to use, built on the latest .NET standards.
Fast, responsive, and designed to work well with using a mouse and keyboard, or touch-based input.

Get booked faster online. Use the web to broaden your global and local reach and Manage all your online distribution from one place. Get direct, two-way connections to 300+ of the world’s top booking channels.

FO Hotel Management System


Room View

Customizable room view will display all rooms in the hotel.

A selected room type can be quickly displayed, with detailed room status, guest name, arrival date, departure date, etc..



Dashboard view display room status in detailed view. Occupancy, in house guest, expected guest, available rooms, etc..

Click on a category will expand its details.


Room Inventory

Easy to see room availability, room status with all relevant rate.

Automatically displayed for each type of room and every day – no need to remember or refer to a complex rate structure anymore.


Room Chart

Easy to understand visual display gives a clear picture of what happened at the hotel, so you can see every detail of the guest only from one view.



Analysis of earnings and key performance throughout the monthly view, weekly and daily. By using detailed graphs and charts.


Report Designer

Report Designer is a collection of graphical query and design tools that are hosted within the System environment.

Report Designer provides a Report Data pane to organize data used in your report, and tabbed views for Design and Preview so that you can design a report interactively